Expert California Shutter Services

Expert California Shutter Services

How to choose the right California Shutters for your home

The crew at Bright Windows & Exterior has the knowledge and expertise to provide California Shutters to your home that will give it a great look as well as giving your privacy.

California Shutters are available in several colours and styles to ensure the matching or your home’s decor. They are composed of composite materials, wood or vinyl and can be either permanently mounted to the window frame or operable to open and close.

Key factors when choosing California Shutters:

  • These shutters are typically used on the exterior of the home.
  • The use of brackets, nails and screws are typically used when installing California Shutters.
  • The average cost per window for California Shutters ranges from $250 to $500.
  • While California Shutters comes with a warranty, reading the fine print before purchase is important.
  • California Shutters are made to specific dimensions, so make sure your windows are correctly measured before ordering.


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The Benefits of California Shutters

California Shutters offer many benefits not only to the home but to those living in the home as well.

Once installed, they are very easy to maintain. Unlike other types of window treatments, the shutters do not need to be taken down completely to be cleaned. All it takes is a damp cloth to wipe down the slats to remove grime and dust that can accumulate over time.

California Shutters also offer incredible versatility, making them suitable for nearly every room in the home. This includes waterproof variants that are perfect for the bathroom due to the moisture and keeps the moisture from degrading the materials of the shutters.

Other benefits that California Shutters bring to the home include:

  • Their beauty, due to being able to match the home’s decor through many styles and colours available.
  • Durability: as they can last for a few years, giving your investment time to pay off.
  • Air Flow: you can adjust the slats to maximize ventilation.
  • Privacy: the ability to close the slats completely to give you privacy.
  • Increases the value of your home.

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The most popular California Shutters colours

While there are several colours and stains to choose from for your California Shutters, there are three colours that are the most popular: black, white, and brown.

Black shutters, best installed on the outside of the home, compliment textures that are rough, such as stone or brick. If you have light-coloured walls in your home, the placement of black shutters may look off putting. However, on the exterior, the contrast will look much better, especially with bricks that are gray or tan.

Choosing brown as the colour for shutter is best when going for a natural look. They are very fitting for rooms that feature partially wooden interiors, as well as cottages and cabins. If the shutters are both brown in colour and made of wood, they work especially well when other areas of the home have wooden features such as flooring, cabinets or doors.

Lastly, white shutters are best used in the bathroom or kitchen, due to those rooms typically having white paint on the walls and white appliances. White shutters are typically installed inside the home. If they are installed around the exterior frame of the window, dirt may appear easier due to their lighter colour.

When choosing the colour of shutters, keep the location in mind and whether they need to be installed inside or outside the home.

How to Measure for California Shutters

When measuring for California shutters, it is imperative that you are precise. These shutters are made for specific dimensions.

When ordering inside-mounted shutters, measure the space where you plan to put the frame of the shutters. Inside edge from the wall edge to the opposite wall edge, covering the space where the window is placed. Once the measurements are made for the frame, you’ll want to measure the height and width of the window in three different places to ensure that the window isn’t warped and is level. For inside mount shutters, deduct 4mm from both the width and height to allow some wiggle room for installation.

For shutters that are mounted on the outside of the window, you will still need to measure the height and width in three different places, but there is a slight difference. The frame of these shutters can be mounted onto the window frame or to the surrounding walls. When measuring the window itself, remember to include the height and width from where you plan to put the frame. To get the most precise measurements, note the smallest measurements you find.

California shutters can add value and a great esthetic to your home. The benefits of these shutters make it a great investment for your home, cabin or cottage. Contact Bright Windows & Exterior today to discuss installing California shutters.


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